An indian girl in a sheesh phool jewellery

Sheesh Phool: Captivating Floral Beauty in Jewelry"


The name "Sheesh Phool" means "glass flower" in English, which accurately captures the fine craftsmanship used to make these gorgeous pieces. Using glass or crystal components, skilled artisans painstakingly handcraft each flower, painstakingly sculpting petals, and infusing them with a mesmerising kaleidoscope of colours. 

After being expertly fitted into elaborate settings, these glass flowers are frequently decorated with gems like diamonds, pearls, or coloured gemstones to provide a sense of opulence and brilliance. A compelling style of decoration, Sheesh Phool jewellery combines the radiance of priceless stones with the beauty of delicate flowers. 

This distinctive kind of jewellery, which draws its inspiration from the appeal of nature, perfectly captures the spirit of floral elegance in each item.  Each piece of artwork is painstakingly created to highlight the delicate details and vivid colours of flowers, turning them into wearable works of art.

The Origins and Significance:

Sheesh Phool, which means "glass flower" in Hindi, is a traditional art form that has existed for many years. It first appeared in Indian jewellery design during the Mughal dynasty in the 16th century and has since become an essential element.

The painstaking process of moulding and tinting glass to resemble gorgeous blooms, frequently using vivid hues to depict the vibrant diversity of Indian culture, is where the talent lies.

Sheesh Phool's jewellery symbolises the beauty and impermanence of nature. It depicts the fleeting moments when blossoms are in full bloom and serves as a reminder of the transient nature of life and the value of living in the now. These ornaments, which stand for joy, prosperity, and the essence of culture, are frequently worn at important events like weddings, festivals, and cultural celebrations.

A Glorious History:

Traditional Indian jewellery has been made in the "flower of glass" or "Sheesh Phool" designs for ages. It has since grown to be an essential component of Indian cultural heritage and has its roots in the princely state of Rajasthan.


The process involves painstakingly shaping, fusing, and then embedding colourful glass pieces into metal settings to create exquisite floral designs by hand. The artists who make Sheesh Phool jewellery are renowned for their expertise and precision, which are required for this rigorous technique. 

Exquisite Designs:

The elaborate and exquisite designs of Sheesh Phool jewellery are one of its distinguishing features. Each piece is a work of art, with vivid glass flowers that have been painstakingly arranged to make beautiful patterns.


Roses, lotuses, and peacocks are among the botanical symbols that frequently serve as the inspiration for the designs. Deep reds, royal blues, lush greens, and brilliant yellows all seamlessly meld to produce a visual spectacular as the usage of vibrant colours adds an alluring element.

The accessories known as Sheesh Phool jewellery include necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and tikka (forehead ornaments). The pieces are frequently made to be lightweight so that you can wear them for long periods without losing their beautiful beauty. Sheesh Phool jewellery never looks out of place either worn on important occasions or as part of regular dress.

Timeless Appeal:

Sheesh Phool jewellery is a standout option for people seeking elegance and sophistication due to the meticulous craftsmanship and mesmerising colour play. It is appropriate for both traditional and contemporary clothes since it deftly combines the depth of tradition with a dash of contemporary elegance.

Sheesh Phool jewellery has become incredibly famous across national boundaries, garnering notice on international catwalks and making appearances in the collections of well-known designers.


Its adaptability enables it to go with a wide range of clothing, from stylish contemporary outfits to ethereal bridal ensembles. The fragile glass flowers provide a sense of grandeur and individuality to any outfit when they are gently combined with precious metals like gold or silver.

Preserving a Rich Legacy:

As we appreciate the beauty of Sheesh Phool's jewellery, it is crucial to acknowledge and support the artisans who continue to practice this age-old trade. Their knowledge and commitment help to protect a rich legacy that has been passed down through the years. We not only adorn ourselves with beautiful pieces when we appreciate and purchase Sheesh Phool jewellery, but we also help to sustain the development of traditional workmanship.

Types of jewellery:

Sheesh phool jewellery, commonly referred to as mirror blossom jewellery, is a traditional style of jewellery crafted in India that has elaborate motifs created with tiny bits of a glass mirror. This kind of jewellery is renowned for its vivid hues, sheen, and distinctive patterns.


 Sheesh phool earrings are often designed in various shapes and sizes, such as studs, jhumkas (chandelier earrings), or danglers. They are adorned with colourful glass mirrors arranged in beautiful patterns to create a dazzling effect.


 Sheesh phool necklaces are statement pieces that showcase elaborate mirror work. They come in different lengths and designs, ranging from chokers to long strands. These necklaces often feature clusters of glass mirrors, arranged in intricate geometric or floral patterns.

Maang Tikka:

 A maang tikka is a traditional Indian hair ornament that adorns the centre of the forehead. Sheesh phool maang tikkas typically consist of a decorative pendant attached to a chain, with mirrors embellishing the design. They add a touch of elegance and sparkle to bridal and festive hairstyles.

Bangle Bracelets: 

Sheesh phool bangle bracelets are crafted using glass mirrors and metallic bases. These bracelets can be single or stacked, and they feature mirror embellishments that reflect light and create a captivating visual effect when worn on the wrists.


Sheesh phool rings are small, intricately designed pieces of jewellery that incorporate mirrors into their patterns. These rings can be worn on any finger and are often adorned with colourful glass mirrors arranged in symmetrical or asymmetrical designs.


Sheesh phool anklets are worn around the ankles to add a touch of sparkle and beauty to the feet. They typically feature mirror embellishments in various shapes and sizes, attached to a chain or fabric base.


Jewellery made by Sheesh Phool is evidence of the rich cultural legacy of the Indian subcontinent. With its fragile glass flowers, it celebrates the fleeting aspect of life and the wonderful occasions of celebration.

Sheesh Phool jewellery stands as a symbol of tradition and acts as a link between the past and the present due to its detailed craftsmanship and vivid designs. By adorning ourselves with these wonderful items, we not only embrace our heritage but also help to save a timeless artistic style for subsequent generations to savour and admire.