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Indian Bridal Jewellery Trends 2023: A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity


Weddings in India are elaborate displays of tradition and splendour in addition to being a celebration of love and marriage. Any Indian wedding must have the bride's dress and, more significantly, jewellery. Indian wedding jewellery is deeply ingrained in the culture and represents wealth, culture, and the bride's high social status.

The world of Indian bridal jewellery is about to experience an exquisite fusion of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge innovations as we enter the year 2023. The styles of Indian bridal jewellery for 2023 are a reflection of the modern brides' growing tastes and preferences while maintaining the integrity of tradition.

The upcoming year is predicted to usher in a revival of timeless designs with contemporary twists as well as a celebration of regional variety with unique styles originating from various regions of India. Indian bridal jewellery in 2023 is expected to be a beguiling tapestry of innovation and beauty, featuring elaborate necklaces, intricate bangles, striking earrings, and eye-catching maang tikkas.

In 2023, Indian bridal jewellery trends are witnessing a captivating fusion of traditional designs with contemporary aesthetics. Let's delve into the fascinating world of bridal jewellery and explore the top trends that are capturing the hearts of brides-to-be across the country.

Jewellery has always been the top priority on a bride’s shopping list. It is also one of the most prized possessions in the bridal trousseau. Every bride hopes to blend traditionalism with modernity.


In the world of Indian bridal jewellery, chokers have made a stunning reappearance. These striking and beautiful neckpieces give the bride's outfit a touch of royalty. Statement chokers will have elaborate patterns and costly stones like diamonds, emeralds, and rubies in 2023. These accessories not only draw attention to the neckline but also provide the complete bridal ensemble with a compelling focal point.

Oversized Maang Tikkas:

This year, Maang Tikkas, the customary forehead decorations, have undergone a significant change. Brides are choosing elaborate, enormous patterns that reach from the hairline to the forehead's centre. These intricate items frequently have delicate filigree work, glittering jewels, and hanging pearls, which give the bride's face a touch of glitz and elegance.

Multi-layered Haar: 

The traditional haar, a long necklace that cascades down the bride's chest, is undergoing a modern transformation. In 2023, multi-layered haars are stealing the show. Brides are seen wearing several strands of necklaces in varying lengths, creating a stunning layered effect. 

These haars are embellished with intricate motifs, polki diamonds, and coloured gemstones, adding vibrancy to the bridal ensemble.


Mathapattis, also known as headpieces or tiaras, have become bolder and more intricate in their design. The focus is on larger and more elaborate pieces that beautifully adorn the bride's hairline. 

From traditional gold-plated mathapattis with meenakari work to contemporary pieces embellished with diamonds and pearls, there is a wide range of options to suit every bride's style and preference.

Jhumkas with a Twist:

The traditional Indian earrings known as jhumkas have been updated for 2023. Brides are choosing large jhumkas that are embellished with elaborate patterns, enamel work, and vibrant gemstones. These striking earrings not only go well with the bridal outfit but also give the whole look a lively and charming touch.

Hand Harnesses:

Hand harnesses, also known as hath phools, have gained immense popularity as an essential part of the bridal jewellery ensemble. These delicate and ornate pieces adorn the back of the hand, connecting to multiple finger rings with delicate chains. Hand harnesses in 2023 are designed with intricate motifs, diamonds, and coloured gemstones, exuding grace and femininity.

Mixed-cut diamonds:

Mixed-cut diamonds are exquisite pieces of jewellery where designers combine different cuts of diamonds in a single set to create jewels with life and movement. The combination of a variety of diamond cuts adds a unique look to the jewellery pieces. 

There are no limits to what jewellers may create when they bring together different cut diamond shapes in one piece, including exotic florals, geometric motifs, and contemporary takes on classic designs. 

Round, rose, princess, emerald, marquise, oval, pear, heart, and cushion are just a few of the popular diamond shapes. Each has a distinctive appearance and feel. Mixed-cut diamond jewellery would top the list of the top wedding jewellery trends any day.

Trending geometric patterns:



Geometric jewellery, as style critics refer to it, is designed and built from fundamental design elements such as triangles, squares, and ovals. The combined effect of necklaces, pendants, and earrings elevates them to the status of edgy statement pieces. This fashion is aesthetically pleasing because it is prevalent across eras.

Bridal jewellery sets with rubies and emeralds:



Rubies and emeralds are a go-to option for any bride looking to pair their dark-hued or ivory lehengas in the most beautiful way possible. A stylish gold necklace with emerald stonework looks stunning with all bridal attire, whether it be classic red, pink, or contemporary pastel lehengas.

 Additionally, the little detailing for ruby stones adds a pop of colour to the bridal set. Bridal sets with rubies and emeralds are classic and a go-to for any bride looking to flaunt their elegance on their special day.



Pearl danglers:


Pearls never go out of fashion, especially now when we see them everywhere. We see pearls on the streets, pearls on the red carpet, and even pearls on Timothee Chalamet. 

White pearls are already popular and will continue to capture the attention of the 2023 wedding season. Pearl danglers are the perfect jewellery pieces for both brides and bridesmaids at all wedding events.


The year 2023 witnesses a fascinating blend of tradition and modernity in Indian bridal jewellery trends. From statement chokers to oversized maang tikkas and multi-layered haars, each piece reflects the bride's unique style while honouring the rich cultural heritage.

 These trends embrace opulence, intricate craftsmanship, and a touch of contemporary aesthetics, making them a perfect choice for the modern Indian bride. Whether you prefer traditional designs or experimental fusion, the world of bridal jewellery has something exquisite to offer, ensuring that every bride looks like a radiant queen on her special day.