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Ethnic Indian Jewellery Trends 2023: A Fusion of Tradition and Contemporary Style


Indian ethnic jewellery is appreciated for its fine work, ageless appeal, and cultural importance. Indian jewellery has a long history and has evolved, fusing traditional and contemporary features.


Ethnic Indian jewellery trends have recently changed, fusing time-honoured styles with cutting-edge aesthetics. Indian jewellery has become a popular option for fashion-conscious people all over the world thanks to this blending of history and innovation.

Heritage Revival:

Traditional jewellery designs from diverse Indian states and ethnicities are clearly on the rise in 2023. A resurgence of intricate Kundan, Polki, and Meenakari art is reflecting the spirit of previous royal ages. With uncut diamonds, coloured jewels, and careful enamel work, these classic pieces have a regal allure that suits both traditional and modern tastes.

Fusion of Cultures:

The blend of Indian and foreign fashions, which produces distinctive and varied jewellery designs, is celebrated this year. Indian ladies of today are embracing jewellery designs that combine traditional and modern aspects.


Bold motifs, geometric patterns, and asymmetrical compositions are being experimented with by designers and incorporated into classic forms like chokers, statement necklaces, and cuffs. This blending of styles presents an innovative and exciting perspective on ethnic Indian jewellery.

Designs Inspired by Nature:

 Indian jewellery has long drawn inspiration from the natural world. This influence is further emphasised in 2023 when elaborate floral, foliage, and animal designs are used to decorate a variety of accessories.


Earrings, necklaces, and maang tikkas include delicate floral patterns that are modelled after blossoms like lotus, jasmine, and roses. The relationship between Indian mythology and the natural world is reflected in the rise in popularity of animal-inspired artworks that include peacocks, elephants, and birds.

Sustainable Jewellery:

Jewellery made from sustainable materials is in greater demand as the fashion industry prioritises ethical and environmentally responsible sourcing. Designers are incorporating environmental practises into their creations in 2023, employing recycled metals and conflict-free gemstones.

The emphasis is on producing ethical and conscientious jewellery items that not only have a stunning appearance but also reflect the principles of the contemporary consumer.

Bold Colour Schemes:

 Indian jewellery has always been a major component of vibrant colours. Jewellery makers are embracing vibrant and stunning colour schemes in 2023. Traditional gems like emeralds, rubies, and sapphires are prominently incorporated into patterns, giving the jewellery a mesmerising charm.


Colourful enamels and semi-precious stones are also being utilised to provide accents of colour, giving the jewellery collections life and energy.

Layering and stacking:

 In 2023, layering and stacking jewellery will be very popular. Women are experimenting with stacking bracelets and necklaces, wearing several rings on their hands, and stacking bangles and bracelets.


This fashion trend enables customisation and makes a distinctive and striking style statement. Jewellery with a variety of materials, lengths, and styles can be mixed and matched to give an outfit more depth and complexity.

Complex Kundan and Polki Designs:

 Kundan and Polki jewellery has long been praised for its complex patterns and regal appeal. Polki contains uncut diamonds set in intricate patterns, whereas Kundan is the skill of placing gemstones in gold.


These patterns are experiencing a rebirth in popularity thanks to modern versions that use unusual colour schemes and avant-garde themes. These basic patterns are given a contemporary twist by the use of vivid gemstones and unusual settings.

Temple Jewellery Revival:

 The elaborate carvings and themes seen in old Indian temples serve as the inspiration for revivalist temple jewellery. It is distinguished by its intricate patterns, which include sacred symbols, floral motifs, and gods.


Temple jewellery has recently had a renaissance as artisans create modern pieces concerning this age-old design. These patterns frequently feature coloured gemstones, pearls, or enamel work as embellishments, giving this classic art form fresh life.

Handmade tribal jewellery:

 Tribal jewellery honours the diverse indigenous communities of India's rich cultural heritage. These items stand out for their striking designs, use of organic materials, and rustic charm.


For people who want a bohemian and eclectic aesthetic, handcrafted tribal jewellery consisting of beads, shells, and natural stones has become more and more fashionable. Tribal jewellery brings organic beauty to any outfit, whether it be a striking necklace, a pair of statement earrings, or a stack of bangles.


The blend of history and contemporary has been embraced by ethnic Indian jewellery trends, creating engaging designs that appeal to a wide audience. Indian jewellery offers a variety of options to suit all tastes and events, including complex Kundan and Polki work, striking choker necklaces, revitalized temple jewellery, fusion styles, and handcrafted tribal pieces.

Ethnic Indian jewellery continues to be a timeless representation of beauty, workmanship, and cultural history in the ever-evolving world of fashion thanks to the development of these trends.